The heart of analog - with a modern aesthetic - built with today’s recording studio in mind

Designed and engineered by Harrison Audio the 32Classic represents the culmination of decades of engineering advancement borne from continuous learning through research. Crafted with passion and precision, it’s destined to become an iconic part of Harrison legacy.

Beautiful analog tone is at the heart of the 32Classic - It’s a purist console, for the sonic purist. Its no-compromise modular design, flexible workflows and hybrid features create a classic recording console that’s ready for the modern studio. Whether it’s the transformer-coupled mic preamp design, super-smooth and music EQ’s, legendary filters, or premium quality components used throughout. The 32Classic creates the vibe to inspire artists and the confidence for producers and engineers to excel.

Over the past 50 years, Harrison production tools have helped world-renowned artists create some of the most recognized and celebrated music in history. The 32Classic takes our legacy in analog console design and combines it with modern studio integration, giving artists, producers and engineers the tools needed to record and mix music which stands the test of time. The Harrison 32Classic is an analog masterpiece, let it help create yours.