Harrison’s Legendry analog console sound and workflow on your desktop

Harrison DAWs are the perfect solution for bringing the sound and workflow of an analog console to any studio. With Harrison DAWs, you can experience the warmth and depth of analog sound in your recordings, while also enjoying the flexibility and convenience of a digital audio workstation. Whether you’re a professional producer or a home recording enthusiast, Harrison DAWs provide the tools you need to create high-quality music with ease. Harrison Consoles has a long legacy of creating high-quality audio equipment, and their DAWs are no exception. Built on decades of experience and expertise, Harrison DAWs offer unparalleled sound quality and intuitive workflow that make it easy to create professional-sounding music. Bring the power of Harrison DAWs and the legacy of Harrison Consoles to your studio today!


Mixbus32C is the only music production software with a legendary Harrison analog console built in. The Mixbus32C music production application, equipped with its ‘True Analog Mixing Engine’ (TAME), can import or record an unlimited number of audio or MIDI tracks. You can edit, mix, and master your production while replicating the sound and workflow of Harrison’s renowned analog consoles, which have been used to produce countless iconic songs. Mixbus32C’s powerful tools provide a unique and authentic analog mixing experience. With advanced proprietary algorithms, flexible bussing, and extensive plug-in compatibility, the True Analog Mixing Engine in Mixbus32C can help you quickly achieve a smooth, professional sound.


Mixbus is a unique digital audio workstation (DAW) that stands out for its sound and design, which emulates a Harrison console. It follows an analog paradigm, seamlessly integrating form, function, and sound. Unlike other DAWs that rely on a computer-based approach, Mixbus is built on Harrison’s 48-year legacy of producing platinum records and blockbuster movies.

It is the first DAW to offer Harrison’s ‘True Analog Mixing Engine’, setting it apart from its competitors. With its distinguished heritage and innovative features, Mixbus is the perfect choice for those seeking a DAW that combines the warmth and depth of analog sound, the workflow of a legendary console, combined with the convenience and flexibility of modern digital technology.