High performance and great sounding tools for every conceivable task

Harrison Consoles is renowned for its exceptional audio quality in both post-production and music production. The company’s large format digital consoles have long been the gold standard in the industry, and now that same level of excellence is available in a wide range of specialized tools. Whether you need specialized equalization, classic channel strip processing, multi-band compression, noise management, de-essing, or any other audio processing task, Harrison has a plugin to help you achieve that warm analog sound. With Harrison’s range of plugins, you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible audio quality for your project.


Comprehensive suite of plugins for professionals

Harrison knows how to meet the needs of audio professionals. From the very first music mixing console in Nashville, to the very latest movie production consoles in Hollywood, Harrison has earned a reputation worldwide for producing the finest audio gear.

Now Harrison has made available our advanced DSP in a convenient plugin format for use in any DAW. The Studio family of plugins are designed to deliver the highest possible sound quality while maintaining a user-friendly interface with logically organized controls. These plugins will allow you to pull together a great-sounding mix every time, whether you’re working on a recording project, mixing stems, or live tracking, Harrison Studio plugins are up to the most demanding production challenge assuring that producers and engineers will have the confidence needed in their deliverables.


Quickly and easily establish professional sounding mixes. For decades studios worldwide have trusted Harrison and now you can too!

For decades Harrison has been delivering world-class audio tools that are relied upon by the most elite audio engineers. Now with Harrison’s AVA family of Plugins, you can experience the power of industry-proven audio tools in your own studio.

Suitable for both beginners and professionals alike, the AVA plugins are powerful audio processing tools that have been specifically designed to help you overcome the unique challenges of audio and music production. The AVA plugins provide the renowned Harrison sound and usability in a convenient plugin format for AAX, VST, VST3, and AudioUnit. Whether you’re working on music production, podcasting/live streaming the AVA plugins provide everything you need to help you achieve your creative vision. From equalization and dynamics processing to vocal processing, the AVA plugins can help you craft your perfect sound. AVA plugins have got your back!


The Harrison MPC Post plugin suite is a powerful and unique set of tools specifically designed for large format post-production applications

With optimized processing ported from the Harrison MPC 5 large format “motion picture console”, the Post suite of Plugins features five plugins tailored for large format workflows: MPC Channel, MPC Compressor, MPC Console EQ, MPC Spectral Compressor, and MPC Expander Gate. The Harrison (MPC) Post plugin suite streamlines the management of extremely large track counts with its comprehensive set of tools, including 8 band EQ’s, various compression techniques, denoising, de-essing, gating, and routing. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy to use even in the most demanding situations. Constantly updated with new features and improvements, the Harrison MPC Post plugin suite remains at the forefront of technology and is an essential set of sophisticated tools for professionals working in large format post-production.

XT plug-ins

The complete set of plug-ins made to go with the Mixbus and Mixbus32C DAWs

The XT plug-in range includes 19 plug-ins designed to give you the best tools for starting up with the Mixbus and/or Mixbus32C DAWs. 

NOTE: These plug-ins can only be used with the Mixbus and Mixbus32C DAWs

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