Designed and engineered by Harrison Audio the 32Classic represents the culmination of decades of engineering advancement borne from continuous learning through research. Crafted with passion and precision, it’s destined to become an iconic part of Harrison's legacy.

Beautiful analog tone is at the heart of the 32Classic. Its no-compromise modular design, flexible workflows and hybrid features create a classic recording console that’s ready for the modern studio. Whether it’s the transformer-coupled mic preamp design, super-smooth and musical EQ’s, legendary filters, or premium quality components used throughout, the 32Classic creates the vibe to inspire artists and the confidence for producers and engineers to excel.  

Over the past 50 years, Harrison production tools have helped world-renowned artists create some of the most recognized and celebrated music in history. The 32Classic takes our legacy in analog console design and combines it with modern studio integration, giving artists, producers and engineers the tools needed to record and mix music which stands the test of time. The Harrison 32Classic is an analog masterpiece, let it help create yours.

Key Features

High Performance Design – The 32Classic incorporates key high quality design criteria. Double sided PCB’s, manual PCB layout techniques providing specific trace placement and robust ground plane design, gold plated switches, conductive plastic potentiometers, and summing buses carried via PCB’s (no ribbon cable summing buses) all combine to provide the highest performance possible in analog console design.

Mono Mic/Line Channels – 32 Mono Mic/Line Channels are included in each standard configuration (custom configurations available upon request) offering a high-performance Harrison mic-preamplifier, and Harrison's acclaimed 32C four band parametric EQ with variable HP and LP filters.

DAW Compatible Frame - The 32Classic frame design is rugged and unique. It is specifically designed to solve some of the more basic yet troubling ergonomic issues in today’s studio environment. “Where do I put my keyboard and mouse or trackball?” and “Where do I put my computer monitor/s?” The 32Classic solves those issues by providing a 2-tiered front bolster which is wide and deep enough to comfortably locate your DAW keyboard and mouse/trackball (with sufficient cable access), along with your cell phone, laptop, tablet etc. A generous “rear shelf” design is provided that is ideal for locating various TFT monitor/s and/or small near-field speakers.

Configurations - The 32Classic is available in 2 configurations featuring 32 and 48 channel configurations. Custom configurations are available upon request.

In this video, journalist Frank Wells and President of Harrison Audio Gary Thielman talk about the amazing history of Harrison, from its roots in Music City and the creation of the in-line console to the launch of the 32Classic console and how it represents the beginning of a new era of Harrison production tools.

Flexibility Matters

The 32Classic provides a flexible busing and routing architecture. Each channel can route to any of 8 Bus master channels that can be used in mono or stereo configuration, any of 5 Auxiliary buses (4 mono and 1 stereo) or directly to the Main Mix stereo bus with transformers. The 32Classic also incorporates an "In-Line" record status mode which allows the input source signal to feed directly to a DAW with a separate "Playback" path for monitoring and for feeding headphones and/or studio monitors via a flexible alternate output matrix. All external routing is accomplished via Harrison's large format Dante / AD DA interface system included with the 32Classic console making recording, patching and studio routing a breeze.

Classic console:

The classic Harrison sound is at the heart of the 32Classic console. Whether it’s the surgical yet smooth EQ, Jensen JT-MB-CPCA input transformers used throughout, or the vintage VU meters, the 32Classic sets the vibe of the session and allows you to go back to the golden era.

  • Classic 32C 4 band EQ
  • Legendary Harrison HP and LP filters
  • Transformer balanced mic preamplifier
  • Transformer balanced Main Mix output

  • In-line or split recording/monitoring status
  • 8 Multitrack Buses
  • 4 Aux Sends
  • Stereo Cue Send
  • 3 x Foldback / Cue Master Outputs 2 x External Monitor Inputs

  • Balanced Stereo Return w/Meter
  • Large Analog VU Output Meters
  • Main and alternate Monitor Output
  • Headphone Output

  • Main Mix Bus Insert Point
  • Balanced Bus Insert Points
  • Balanced Line input
  • Balanced insert points
  • Balanced Direct Outputs
  • 100mm premium faders
  • LED’s on every switch

Modern features:

The 32Classic is a modern studio console that comes equipped with Atmos Monitoring and DANTE / Converters. You can work with immersive projects in any format with the Atmos A 12 wide monitor section, which supports Atmos 7.1.4 for music. The 32Classic also has built-in DANTE AD and DA converters and a full DANTE digital interface. The integrated convertors and Dante interface offer seamless recording, patching, and routing within the studio system.

  • 12 Wide Atmos Monitoring (7.1.4)
  • 64 Premium AD converters
  • 64 Premium DA converters
  • DANTE AoIP interface

  • 0 Fader Lock
  • Instrument input fed from center section
  • 20 Segment Input Meters
  • Standard D Sub audio I/O connectors

  • Deep Set Armrest for keyboards, mouse, trackball, phone, laptop etc.
  • Rear Shelf for Alternate Speakers and/or Computer Screens
  • Robust extruded aluminum frame design
  • Expanded cable raceway and passthrough access


32Classic User Guide