Solid State Logic (SSL) announces their acquisition of US-based pro audio console and music production software manufacturer, Harrison. Since 1975 Harrison has been one of the world’s leading console brands for music recording/mixing, film and television sound post-production, cloud-based broadcast sound, and live sound reinforcement. They are credited with bringing the first ‘in-line console’ to market, which revolutionised studio production allowing engineers to combine the features of recording and mixing into a single mixer strip.

The partnership brings together two global iconic music mixing console brands under the Audiotonix technology group.

Nigel Beaumont, Solid State Logic MD, comments, “Having been on our own growth journey these past five years since the investment from Audiotonix, the announcement today is a proud moment for all our staff as we now welcome the Harrison team to our SSL family. It’s been clear from the outset that Gary (Thielman - President) and his colleagues have a passion for console design and their aspirations align with our own.

Enrique Perez, Solid State Logic CTO, continues, “There is also a strong synergy with their software solutions that align well with our own plug-in business. Like SSL, Harrison has utilised their console heritage and know-how to create a range of plug-ins and the MIXBUS DAW, plus they have developed audio processing in the cloud. This all sits well in terms of knowledge share and resourcing for the future as we align our hardware products and software solutions.”

Gary Thielman, Harrison President, states, “Having been part of this business and the pro audio industry since the early 80’s, it feels very apt that we would find our natural home with Solid State Logic and Audiotonix. This alliance provides Harrison a strong future with access to further manufacturing, knowledge in engineering, and expanding our access to new channels and partners which increases our potential to grow this wonderful business. I’m particularly excited for both brands and their customers, as they will all reap the benefits of our sharing of ideas with our SSL colleagues.”

James Gordon, Audiotonix CEO, adds, “From an Audiotonix perspective it’s a privilege to help bring this unique partnership together with these two legendary UK and USA mixing console brands. With their very individual and identifiable sound their future together is going be unbelievable. What’s great too is that Harrison and Solid State Logic share a similar culture where their teams are personally invested in this industry, so I’m excited to see what new innovations and products this ‘super-group’ of technical talent can bring to market.”

About Solid State Logic

Solid State Logic is the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for music, broadcast, live and audio production professionals. For more information about our award-winning products, please visit:

About Harrison

Harrison has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing audio mixing consoles in Nashville, Tennessee (Music City, USA) since 1975. Our products serve the markets of music recording/mixing, international film and television sound production, audio post-production, broadcast sound, and live sound reinforcement.