Harrison Consoles (Nashville) introduces Mixbus32C, v9: New Mixer, New Sound!

With a heavy focus on expanding and improving the sound and workflow of the analog vibe found in Mixbus32C, we have implemented a lot of new features to help you get a whole new sound from your mixes.

What's new in v9 ?

  • The first major upgrade to the Mixbus32C mixer since its inception 7 years ago: we've updated the sound, look, and operation of the mixer page. Scroll down to learn more!
  • Multi-bus VST3 instruments: Mixbus32C now supports multiple optional busses (when defined by a VST3 plugin) and can create appropriately named tracks. Mixbus informs the plugin about the user's configuration, and smart VST3 plugins can now adapt when your track signal-flow changes.
  • new "Blonde Bop" drum instrument from AVL Drums

The new Mixer Page includes:

  • A new high contrast design with an expanded look and feel of a full-featured analog console strip. You can emulate a life-size console on a 4k TV or monitor.
  • A re-engineered 32C EQ that provides an even more accurate recreation of the original 1975 analog circuit, with updated EQ curves and a more accurate text representation of the frequency and gain in the channelstrip text display.
  • An upgraded full-featured Compressor on every channel and mixbus, providing all of the sound and control you would expect in a standalone compressor while retaining the popular "mode" selections found in previous versions of Mixbus. The new 'Emphasis' knob allows you to access more vintage character by forcing the compressor to react more quickly to harsh sounds. The result is smoother mixes!
  • An all-new full-featured Gate/Expander that can tame the bleed in your live tracks, or add more expressive and dynamic articulation to pre-recorded loops and sounds.
  • A new "Drive" button on every input channel strip can add harmonic complexity to bass and vocal tracks, which helps them stand out in a busy mix.
  • A high-pass filter on the mixbus 'tone' equalizer allows you to filter your instrument groups and effects without visiting each track in the group. Filtering the bass from unnecessary elements helps to keep your mixes clean and focused.
  • 2 Tape Saturation colors are now provided for each of the 12 mixbuses, allowing you a choice of 2 different colors ('yellow' and 'orange') as well as the ability to disable the tape saturation entirely by disabling both buttons. The new 'orange' mode provides a richer harmonic profile than the old tape saturation, and retains more low-end when you drive it hard.
  • New, re-voiced Master bus compressor has been re-voiced to work together with the final limiter. Instead of 3 modes, we now provide a carefully voiced master-bus 'glue' compressor with a progressive ratio, Emphasis knob, and internal 3-stage design that follows your track dynamics to gel your mix.